Raised in California, with parents that moved from former USSR, I’ve always felt that with so many street and mall brands floating in and out of style, there weren’t any that related to me, my heritage and culture, my identity and pride. Ever since high school I’ve had a passion for fashion. Sure, throwing something on for looks might be somebody’s thing but for those here in Cali, that just never levels up. It took many years, but in 2009, this yearning desire for an “our” brand got its name, Svaboda Apparel®. That is how the first Russian-American Apparel Brand was born. The word Svaboda® was the idea, creation of a new American word from the start. A New American word with our Slavic Roots.

Within a few years, I met THE GUY, a born designer who shared both my passion and vision. Little did I know, we would both have a friend for life. Together, with the rest of the team, we set out creating what was envisioned to become one of the top ten most recognized apparel brands in the world. After that divine fortune, complete passion compelled us to create. The need to bring recognition to a culture of young Russian-Americans, that have become so interlaced with the fabric of American society, was too much for us to ignore.

Never forget where you came from, no matter your nationality. When you know, and remember where you started that will ALWAYS motivate you to keep moving forward.

Svaboda Apparel is not just fashion, and not just your Brand. It is a movement, a movement to remind, educate and always remember.